Esoteric Philosopher: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

The Alice Leighton Cleather Basil Crump 1929 attack on Theosophy
Teaching planned by Hierarchy
No further messenger until 1975
Mother of the World
Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
Pre Adamic Satanic Races
The Golden Wheel Head Centre
Shigatse and Tda-shi-Hlumpo Monastery
The Forbidden City
Red Caps and Sect Worship
Five India's
The Lotus Sleep
Entrenched with Debt
Cosmic Etheric Vision and Septenary Clairvoyance
HPB: The Hierarchial Link
The Ocean of Reasoning: Tsong Khapa
The Essence of True Eloquence: Tsong khapa
A Golden Lotus Sutra
Three buddhic vestures, three human vehicles.
The Source Measure 43
Third sub plane of the Fifth manasic plane
Initiations and Atomic Matter
Telepathic/Etheric Transmission
Divine Light of the Cosmic Atom
Book of Imperfections
Magnetic power of Master
Formula of Creative Combinations
Golden Rays of the Sun
Radiation of the Master
Etheric plane vibrational frequencies
Cosmic Physical plane vibrational frequencies
Formula of Karmic Mass: Km = mdlc
Differentiated Molecules
Light and Matter United
The 49/I/6 VIOLET/White/Red
Hiawatha: Line of the Red Ray
Zionist Movement: The seperating door
A stand against Soviet Communism
"the central triangle at the heart"
The Race for the Atom Bomb
The Zionist Question Today
Age Of Aquarius @ 1945
Failure to register adequate dynamic incentives
First Ray Magnetic Corruption
Sevenfold Intent to Destroy
Higher and Lower Ray expressions as used by the White and Black Lodges
The Black Master
The Horoscope, Invalid Upon Liberation
Fenian Dynamiters The Clan na Gael
The Fourth Fundamental of the Ageless Wisdom
The Dark Star, Carbonic Gas and the Global Atmosphere
The Jurassic Period and the Lords of the Flame
Manifestation, Withdrawal And Externalization Of Hierarchy
Significance of the year 1945
The Divine Avatars Maitreya Christ, Maitreya Buddha.
A "culture of respect."
Age Of Aquarius & The Years 1900, 1945, and 2035.
Ida, Pingala, and the Central Sushumna.
Fervid Gold And Gold Fever
Colonel H. S. Olcott And Abraham Lincoln
Colonel H. S. Olcott
The Red Rajputs And The Moryan Dynasty
Ozone And Climatic Conditions On Earth
Clouds the Atmosphere and Meteoric Dust
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
"Four Requirements" Refinement of the physical body is an Essential
The Freedom Of The Seven Solar Systems
Shining Face and Alkaid: A minor constellation. One of the Seven.
The Leading Great Rishi and Pleiad, Alkaid And Alcylone
The Law of Solar Union and The Cycle Of Sunship
Seven Rishis, Seven Timekeepers
The 'Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force'
Mars: Karttikeya. Agnibhu "fire born."
August Neptune: Arisen over the Horizon
Earth Base, reproduction of third un-named scheme.
Thomas Alva Edison
J.W. Keely, un-conscious Occultist. A "natural-born magician."
Keely, Edison and Tesla.
J.W. Keely and the Vril
Sedna and Xena
The Christ in the KH Letters
Earth Kundilini Base Scheme, Eventual Heart Triangle
Eire : Ireland
Tara And The Druids
Sisera and the Battle Of Megiddo
Root - Sub Races
Rays And Jewels
The Dark Ones
Cycles of Pralaya and the Rise to Sunship in future Kalpas
The Divine Circulatory Flow of the Cosmic Mother/Love
Obsession And Behavioural Problems
Vaisyas and Sudras shall tread the highest path
The School for Warriors
The School of Beneficent Magicians
The Schools of Aspiration and Painful Endeavor
Earth Mercury Anguish Aspiration
"mass intellectual wrong emphasis"
Magnetism, Radiation, Attraction and Repulsion
Austerity And Sternness
The Way of Resistance To Evil
Light or Darkness?
The Five Kumaras Of Manasic Energy
Four Kumaras: The Holy Four
The Ancient Of Days And William Blake
Plato: The Great Thinker
The Blood
Criminality: A Psychic Disease
Labor: a battle with chaos
H.P.B. And The Battle Of Mentana
Fohat, Para-Fohat, Pan-Fohat!
Treason And The Traitor
Jesus/Joshua, Appollonius, Origen.
Bruce Lee: The Worrier Within. The Art of the Soul.
Opinion, from Latin opnr, to think.
Mars: Her Descher. The Red One.
Mt. Everest
The Year 1952
The Year 1936
Poles Of Light And Darkness
Zero Ray
Diamonds Are Forever
Respiration, Prana, Breath, Ozone:
"racial purity"
Intoxicants and Narcotics
The Chohan Hilarion: The Annunciator!
Henry Lewis Stimson
Cosmic Dust
Egypt, Chemi, Kham.
The United States: Banner Of Light Against Totalitarianism
John Law: Corrupt Scottish Financier
New Orleans: Seven Brothers of the Blood
Black Holes@Zero Points, Laya Centers and Gravitation
The Vitrified Forts of Scotland
7x7=49 degrees of the Negative pole and of the Positive pole.
Teachings on the Third Reich
Tamas and Teros
Arhat, Adept, Chohan.
Hatha Yoga
Port Said (br sacd)
Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton. Lord Lytton.
A Christian reflection On the New Age
T. Subba Rao
Hitlers Indian Army
Winston Churchill
Otto von Bismarck and the Realm of the Holy Roman Empire
William Q. Judge
Lord Ripon Governor-General Viceroy of India and Grand Master Mason
Venus, Light Bearer To Earth:
Great Britain/Prydian and Llyn-llion/Lyonness
Gaza Mustafa Kemal Atatrk
Benjamin Disraeli 'Beaconsfield' 1st Earl of
Telepathic Discourse and the Amanuensis
Napolean The Great
The Pancreas
The Spleen, Organ Of Solar Prana
Kashmere: Brahman Mahatma Of the Lunar Race.
The Roman Empire
"The true philosopher, the student of the Esoteric Wisdom, entirely loses sight of personalities, dogmatic beliefs and special religions. -- SD 1:xx HPB.
A large quantity of material has already been prepared, dealing with the history of occultism as contained in the lives of the great Adepts of the Aryan Race, and showing the bearing of occult philosophy upon the conduct of life, as it is and as it ought to be." SD1 Preface. HPB.
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Workers in the religious field are even today providing a highly useful and important aspect towards the coming New World Religion. As noted, the origins of all major religions is that of love. They are a materialisation of an inner call, of spiritual unity and the journey of the pilgrim to the Father. This seed group is a 2nd ray group and therefore closely allied to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion and also the outgoing and returning pilgrim.

Interestingly Christianity, although condemned today by the atheist as a religion of past conflict and war, demonstrates occultly as one of conflict and cleavage produced by the use and misuse of attraction and repulsion. Of these the atheist stands apart [temporarily] and wholly on the side of materiality [with its inevitable decent into eternal darkness when left to itself] and with a refusal to accept the responsibility of accounting for his immortal spirit. It is though, a bridging and transitional religion between individualism and group consciousness, between duality and union, between the lower and higher self of which conflict and internal war demonstrates the path of greater resistance, which is the correct path.

The most materialised aspect to this is the external warfare often enacted between the Christian and the non Christian, between the East which greatly determined its influence and direction, and the West. Between Christianity and its offshoot branch the Islamic faith which is connected to it. We must remember that the original message of these were of love even if in some cases grossly materialised. The future "light in the east" will be over Europe and America and any intermediary dense materialisation of that light is simply the occult process of decent from the astral plane to the physical plane under the law of attraction and repulsion with its future ascent to the astral plane of LOVE once again.

We have therefore, enacted today, the involution and evolution of this aspect of the second ray religious work of the 6/2 and the influence of the seventh ray, East/West bridge. It is the ongoing process of the synthesis of the mystic and occult paths.

Included within the new world religion are three main points out of the six which are as follows. These would make useful seed thoughts for meditation concerning the sixth seed group.

1. "The fact of the Spirit of God... Transcendental Mysticism.

2. The fact of the divine quality of the Forces in nature and in man ... Transcendental Occultism.

3. The fact, implied in the first, that Humanity, as a Whole, is an expression of divinity... Transcendental Religion." EXT 56.

We should note that none of the foundational "Rules of the Road" will ever change, apart from minor modifications of detail, as they represent the higher way as a synthesis of the mystical and occult paths. The Rules of the Road are implicit and intricately part of the sixth seed group and yet apply to all disciples and all groups. JPC.

"The seventh ray influence is that which will produce in a peculiar and unexpected sense the Western School of Occultism just as the sixth ray impulse has produced the Eastern School of Occultism - the latter bringing the light down on to the astral plane and the new incoming influence carrying it down on to the physical. The Eastern teaching affected Christianity and indicated and determined the lines of its development and Christianity is definitely a bridging religion.

The roles will eventually be reversed and the shift of the "light in the East" will be over Europe and America. This will inevitably bring about the needed and desired synthesis of the mystical way and the occult path. It will lead later to the formulation of the higher way; of this it is useless to speak at this time for you would not comprehend.

None of the foundational and ancient Rules of the Road will ever be abrogated or discarded: just as men used to travel on the ancient highways on foot, conforming to the requirement of their time and age, and today travel by rail or automobile (arriving at the same destination) so the same road will be followed, the same goal achieved but there may be different procedures, varying safeguards and changed protective measures. The rules may vary from time to time in order to provide easier indication and adequate protection. The training of the disciple in the future will differ in detail from that of the past but the basic rules remain authoritative." DN 133.


Scattered through all my writings over the years is a mass of information which needs collating and bringing together as a basis for the instruction of disciples in training for an initiation.  RI.  DK.

..the teaching is protected and cannot constitute a danger to the general public. Students in the immediate future will have to search out the teaching in all the many volumes and hunt most carefully for the details..  RI.  DK.

.. there is, however, great need for you to collect and tabulate the scattered information so that you can register it as a whole..  RI.  DK.

Pay attention to how widely the net of the Teaching is spread. Let people, according to their custom, hide the source; this is not important. It is useful that the Teaching be spread by unexpected ways to various parts of Earth. We can already point out such growth; and such affirmation becomes the best crown for the present day. Let us not wonder that the roots are growing beyond visibility, this quality shall be the true pledge of vitality. Can the paths of the Teaching be traced? A magnet acts according to its own laws. But from the mountain I can see the filling of space, and thus I can greet you.   Master Morya.  Heart.

530. It is right to assign to co-workers the collecting of parts from the Books of the Teaching pertaining to separate subjects. Thus two results will be achieved they will read the books more attentively and they will ponder as to what is pertinent to each different subject. In time one could collate these excerpts for inexpensive separate publications. The Teaching of "Living Ethics" is needed in diverse strata of people.  FW III. Master Morya.

Students would do well to remember that in the reading of any basic textbook (and this one is so regarded) a definite procedure should be adopted. The student should first of all read the textbook as a whole, in order to grasp its outstanding points, its main lines of teaching, and the three or four propositions upon which its entire structure is founded. Having grasped these, he can then begin to deal with, and to isolate, those subsidiary points which serve to elucidate and clarify the main essentials. After that, he can successfully deal with the details. Students therefore would find it of interest to review these instructions, and gather out of them the major points; then they can proceed to fill in the secondary teachings, and finally arrange the detailed data under the various heads which have emerged. This, when completed would constitute a synopsis of the book and would fix the knowledge it contains firmly in the student's memory. Master DK. TWM.

The Great Invocation:

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Many religions believe in a World Teacher or Saviour, knowing him under such names as the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Bodhisattva, and the Messiah, and these terms are used in some of the Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish versions of the Great Invocation.

Men and women of goodwill throughout the world are using this Invocation in their own language.

Will you join them in using the Invocation every day - with thought and dedication?

By using the Invocation and encouraging others to use it, no particular group or organisation is sponsored. It belongs to all humanity.